Get To Know: Phillip Kramer

At Augusta Auto Body, out slogan is we work for you. But just who is included in the “we”? It is important to us that our customers feel they know our employees. When they come to visit Augusta Auto Body for their car repair or restoration, we want our customers to know a familiar face. Our employees at Augusta Auto Body make up the soul of the business and are the reason we are known for great customer service. Today meet our shop manager, Phillip Kramer, in our employee spotlight questionnaire.

Name: Phillip Kramer
Position at AAB: Shop Manager
Years at AAB: 12
Residence: Clearwater, MN


1. What was the main reason for you wanting to work at Augusta Auto Body?

I liked working on cars.


2. What is the best part of your job?

Seeing the end result.


3. What is the most interesting project or automobile you have ever worked on?

1970's Ski-Doo, Ski-Doos and matching snowmobile.


4. What might the average person not know about your job?

There is a lot of attention to detail.


5. What hobbies do you enjoy outside of work?

Hunting, fishing, camping with family.


6. If you could be any person throughout history, who would it be?

Theodore Roosevelt.


7. What is your favorite place to eat in Central Minnesota?

Buffalo Wild Wings.


Who knows, maybe next time you stop into Augusta Auto Body, you will meet Phillip and chat about the deer you shot hunting this season. Or maybe you will run into him next time you are eating at Buffalo Wild Wings. To learn more about Augusta Auto Body's employees and read reviews of our company, be sure to visit our Facebook page! Feel free to stop in and meet Phillip in person as well as all of our great staff at Augusta Auto Body. We work for you and we want you to feel welcome here!