Get To Know: Gina Kramer

Welcome to the first blog on Augusta Auto Body’s new website! In our first blog, we want the public and our customers to get to know us a little better. To do this, we had each of our employees fill out a fun questionnaire about working their experience working at Augusta Auto Body.

First up is Gina Kramer, whose husband, Pat, started Augusta Auto Body almost 30 years ago. Gina said she had a hard time filling out the questionnaire, but we don’t believe her. Get to know Gina:

Position at Augusta Auto Body:
Office Manager

Years at Augusta Auto Body:
17 years

St. Augusta

What was the main reason for you wanting to work at Augusta Auto Body?
I love working with my family and working as a team to achieve the same goals.

What is the best part of your job?
Being independent and setting up the books the way I like it!

What is the most interesting project/automobile you’ve ever worked on?
Helping design the addition to our building.

What might the average person not know about your job?
That if my husband makes me mad at work I just go home!

What hobbies do you enjoy outside of work?
Antique shopping and traveling with my daughter.

If you could be any person throughout history, who would it be?
That’s too tough to answer.

What is your favorite place to eat in Central Minnesota?
Rafferty’s Pizza in Brainerd.


Thanks for getting to us a little bit in our first blog. We’ll be back in a month or two with the next “Get to Know Augusta Auto Body” blog.

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